The amount of baths your Papillon needs depends on your
life style.
Some pet dogs are very seldom bathed, but if they are
brushed at a regular time, they can stay very clean.
A sink, tub with a shower attachment and a non slip surface
to stand on , is all you need.
Avoid getting water in the ear canal.
(I do blow dry their hair after bathing , brush them, and let
them wear a   sweater for a while, to keep them from getting
Always brush your dog
before bathing.
Mats, not combed out, will only harden and tighten to the
point where cutting them is the only solution.
Trimming feet and hocks
Trimming the feet and hocks will make your Papillon not
only look better, but he will track less dirt into the house.
Trim around and under the feet and trim the long feathery
hair on the back of his legs a little; up his leg to his hock (heel
bone) .
A trimmed hock will show off the dainty, elegant appearance
of your Papillon.
How to trim your Papillons,Phalenes Feet
Maintenance & Everyday Care of your
Papillon or Phalene
Long Life
Papillons are a breed of long lives if healthy. 16-20
years is not uncommon.
Before you adopt a Papillon you might reconsider
the long term commitment.
The Papillon can be a wonderful member of the
family for a long time.
Regular brushing, combing, trimming and bathing, in
combination with dental care and nail trimming will make
your  Papillon feel and look good.

The Papillon has a soft, silky coat with no "under coat", that
requires little grooming. The Papillons  long-haired coat,
along with ear fringes look dramatic, but require less
grooming than most long-haired coats, and they do not need
professional grooming.

Brush/comb your dog a couple of times per week to keep
mats out, improve blood circulation and bonding!!
Pay attention to your Papillons culottes , the hair under his
belly, inner thighs and - most-around his ears. These spots are
matted easily .
Spray a little mist on him to prevent his hair from breaking.
Start brushing him from the first day on to get him used to it;
no matter how long his coat is.
Wipe his ears with a soft damp cloth to remove dirt and
built-up wax.
Are we having fun?
Nail Clipping
If you can hear your Papillons nails clicking on the floor,
his nails are too long. Make sure you know how to
identify the "quick" in each nail before trimming the nails.
Perhaps a groomer or veterinary service can show you
how to trim his nails.

Feeding & Dietary Recommendations
Studies have proven that a balanced, high- quality diet is essential for the dog's behavior, activity level, and a healthy coat.
Feed kibble rather than canned food for better dental maintenance, check the ingredients of the item and choose those
who produce chicken, beef, turkey, rather than "chicken by-products",
You’ll be surprised to learn that many leading dog food brands use animal by-products, corn gluten and artificial
Make sure that the 'real meat" is mentioned as the first, and, or  second, ingredient (This is very important!)
All dogs like to have a little extras in their diet:
my Papillons get a little cottage cheese, fresh chicken, chicken liver with brown rice and vegetable, or fresh farm egg bits
and pieces. They like berries for treats, semi cooked pasta, whole grain bred.....
All of this in small quantities, and earlier in the day time, so they don't "sleep on it"
go to:  
      Weight Gain Diet & Tips for Papillons and other small Toy Dogs

Dental Health/Care
Papillons, like all other Toy Breeds should get their teeth
cleaned once per year.
They have a full set of teeth in a tiny muzzle, the buildup of
bacteria happens fast and leads to teeth  loss, and can lead to
liver, kidney and heart problems.
Missing, or extra Teeth
Teeth Development
Teeth-several articles
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