A Variety of colors
The Papillon is basically a white dog with markings
of color:
copper reds, black, sable, even light yellow (lemon),
and the colors do come in all sorts of combinations.
People confuse the Papillons adorable outward
appearance with the personality underneath all that
If you want a lap dog, who is all quiet, enjoys
nothing else but spending time with you on your
couch, watching television, then another breed
might be a better choice.
But if you are looking for a fun-loving,
adventurous, highly intelligent, easily problem
-solving dog, who loves to learn tricks, follows you
everywhere you go (if you own a Papillon, you
don't ever go to the bathroom alone anymore!!!),
loves to play games......
Then a Papillon is the right dog for you.
Papillon Did You Know?  
  • The name Papillon means "butterfly" in French.
  • The Papillon was known previously as the "Dwarf Spaniel."
  • Marie Antoinette was an ardent admirer of Papillons.
  • They were not fully represented in the AKC by their own breed club (Papillon Club of America) until 1935.
  • In Europe, the drop-eared variety of Papillon is called Phalene, and it competes with equality in the ring against the
    erect-eared type.
  • Papillons rose to fame in Spain.
Text copied from the American Kennel club

Those Amazing, Luxurious Ears
No other breed has such large ears that stick up, giving the dog a  
look of  constant alertness. Added fringes (hair that grows along
the edges) make the ears even bigger and are prized.
Papillons also move their ears like butterfly wings and one ear will
at times move  independently from the other.
It is also normal for Papillons to have drop ears. These dogs call
Phalenes, the French word for moth
Papis are excellent Farm Managers and love country living.
Ore'O with 6 week old Pete
Nana & Ore'O
Characteristics of the
Papillon & Phalene
Some Papis are high-strung,
while others are shy. Keep in
mind when making your
While there are many Papillons who
love to cuddle, there are plenty who
would rather lie near by.
Be prepared and not have wrong
Papillons make excellent farm
managers and love country living.
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Characteristics of a Papillon & Phalene
(Character is disposition, temperament pre-disposition.)

The Papillon is:
  • A problem solving dog, loves to learn- and enjoy a challenge
  • Have been competing in obedience trials nearly 50 years in the US
  • Makes a good Service Dog (helps wheel chair users by picking up a variety of things of the floor, by pulling the
    laundry out of the dryer, bring the phone, opening and closing cabinets, doors….)
  • May leap up to 4 feet straight from the ground into the air (be aware how tall your yard fence is!)
  • May reflect a laid-back personality, a few minute chase of a toy in your living room is sufficient, then will cuddle
    with you for a long period.
  • Or! Is more likely a miniature Border Collie, demanding a couple of hours of interactive play every day.
  • Small Dog; can thrive in a small place.. (15 minutes of a living room fetch can be a real good aerobic workout for
    him. (Excellent condo, or apartment dog)
  • Thrive in country living, loves to romp out side, do farm chores.
  • A sensitive soul. Consider that this breed had a thousand years of a developing relationship to humans; they have
    been bred to be companion dogs.
  • Maybe is a high- strung dog, or a shy dog. (If shy: ask if you can provide him with a more quiet, calm, structured
    household to thrive and be happy in.
Keep these two tendencies in mind, when you make your selection.
  • May  cuddle, may  not. (Many Papis love to sit on your lap to cuddle, but there are more out there who would
    prefer to lie nearby you napping peacefully, or look at you in adoration)

Whether you have one Papillon or a whole flock of Butterfly dogs; it will change your life. These intelligent, thinking
active little dogs are so unique and a source of constant joy.
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