Walzing Mathilda- (left) & Tiger Man vom Cavalierchen
Papillon-Phalene Boy or Girl.....?
Papillon , Phalene Male or Female; what should it be?….

Marking Territory
Not only Males may  mark their territory;
both sexes, when left intact equally mark their territory
If you raise, train your puppy properly, and when  neutered at the appropriate time
both sexes will forget about this and make wonderful companions.
A male, even if neutered, may mark his territory, if you bring in a female ; he actually marks for her!!

Better Coat
A male typically has  a better coat, although it is the genes who determine the amount of coat your puppy will have.
Both sexes can have equally nice coats.

Who is more affectionate?
Both sexes can be sweet and  loving, It is  common though that the little guy is more inclined to be in that “loving”
Females tend to be more moody, even  when spaid.
A boy is most likely more focused on it’s owner, wanting to please, where the girl is more “independent”.

Males tend to be more loyal,  since they have the greater desire to please you.  They may be a bit easier to teach and
train ,   and therefore, the better choice for a companion as well as a show or performance dog.
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