Brolle stands 9.8
inches tall and
weighs 5.5 LBS
Compare the size of a Pea Cock to a Papillon
The Size of the Adult Papillon, Phalene.

Most  people, interested to purchase a Papillon , want to know the approximate
size as an adult of their potential prospect.
Many people vision this in pounds, not realizing, that it is best to strive to obtain a
Papillon bred within the breed standards. The standard goes by heights on the
shoulders, not by weight measurement.
There is a good bit of a difference in a 8 inch Papillon and a 11 inch one; but the 11
inch is perhaps an under eater, with small bones, and therefore weighs only little.
The 8 inch Papillon may be bigger boned, eats very well and therefore weighs more.
A too fine boned and a frail, low weight Papillon is susceptible to all kinds of
problem: including Hyperglycemia, (low Blood Sugar), bone fractures.
The standard of the American Papillon is between 8 and 11 inches; other nations,
like Europe, do breed a somewhat larger Papillon,(28 cm at the shoulders, 1.5-5 kg)
but only slightly, and not all imported Papillons from Europe fall in that category of
being large.
See AKC Breed Standard

Papillon puppies will reach their adult heights around 6-8 months, but they do not
reach full maturity ‘till about 2-2.5 years, that includes  their full developed  
potential prized ear fringes.
A fully matured coat makes the Papillons look often larger than they are, and if they
are of show quality, then even more so. All that fluffy hair, big ears plus abundant
fringes hides the fact, that Papillons are tiny dogs…..With a big attitude!!

The  Papillons average heights here at Road’s End is about 9-10 inches and weighs
between 5-7.5 LBS,  but occasionally there are some a little smaller or taller, or
weigh differently; but none of them in our breeding program fall outside of the  
AKC standards